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The newest Foldabot, Siklab, one of the members of the Elementrobots

Meet the Foldabots: all-Filipino crew of robots that can transform into anything and everything under the sun: skateboards, police cars, trains, even mythical Filipino creatures!

Loyal K-Zone readers know that every month since May 2006, we’ve rolled out a brand-new version of these paper art robots. All you have to do is to cut out the Foldabot from the page, assemble it according to the instructions, and you got yourself a Foldabot! They’re easy to assemble, and very easy to transform (usually, you just need to tuck a head or arm in, and then turn the paper construction around). Sometimes, they come in a set that, if combined, turn into a giant Foldabot (two so far: Metrotren and Higantechron).

We interviewed Foldabots creator Jomike Tejido to find out the inside story behind these transforming robots (we even show some of his behind-the-scenes sketches)! Plus, we got three downloadable wallpapers of Metrotren, Kalasag, and other Foldabots. All this and more — AFTER THE JUMP!

Buhawi, the first-ever Foldabot

K-ZONE: How did you get the idea for Foldabots?
JOMIKE: When I was a kid, i always watched my favorite cartoons like Transformers and played with cool toys of the late 80′s like Roadblasters and Dinoriders. They usually are about converting normal objects into radical creations. I had a few of them, but instead of asking my parents to buy more of these toys, i decided to make my own out of cardboard. I imagined them to be flat patterns and drew them on old folders. I made a lot of mistakes (and a lot of mess too!) but at night I’d have my own transforming paper robots. I’d show my dad and he’d always say [that] they [were] great.

I recently unearthed an old elementary notebook and saw [a] pencilled pattern I did back then, which i never got to cut out. From the looks of it, it looked like a tank that could transform into a jet fighter. From there, I got the idea of reviving my craft and sharing it to Filipino kids all over the country.

KZ: How do you make a Foldabot?
J: First step is to think of a cool alternate mode. Will it be an animal this time? Or another vehicle? Will it be for land or air or water? I try to vary the things I come up with every month so it’s always a surprise.

The next step is to make a prototype. I sketch a boxy robot and cut it out. I don’t draw the features yet, just the general shape. I tape the connections so i can easily remove them later. It becomes more complicated if it’s a combiner Foldabot [like Metrotren and Higantechron like we mentioned above -- KZ]. In that case i have to design all four body parts in one time to see if the all fit together in fusion mode. I also see to it that it’s easy enough for an average kid to create, so everyone can have a chance to build one from the magazine paper.

After that I take the pieces apart and draw the patterns, scan them and color them in a computer, then i print the very first one in production. I take a photo of it (thats the one you see as a finished ‘bot every issue), and it’s ready to go!

Patrol, another early Foldabot

KZ: We noticed that all your Foldabots are Filipino.
J: I wanted to show how Filipino culture can be infused in a cool art form. To me, being Filipino is showing the world that we rule and can create our own toys. If Foldabots goes worldwide, I’d like the names to be carried too, so kids all over the world can see how the names associate with the Foldabot. Plus, I have top secret plans of a future comic series!

KZ:So far, who’s your favorite Foldabot?
J: My favorite is Buhawi, the very first one i made. I’ve researched much about the philippine eagle, and it was even my thesis topic in college (kids, that’s like the biggest and final project you’ll ever make before you graduate). Buhawi is a natural leader, an ode to our national animal.

Manananggal, a member of the Mitochrons who combine to form Higantechron

KZ: Any Foldabot you don’t like? :)
J: None! I like all my creations.

KZ: Tell us about the world of Foldabots. Are there bad Foldabots out there?
J: This whole story will come soon in a comic series i’m preparing. But let’s just say all the Foldabots are in one big team, and a lurking evil presence is out there. Hmmm…that’s it for now.

KZ: Obviously, your inspiration for the Foldabots was the Transformers. What did you think of the movie?
J: The movie is great, [and] I rate it at 8.5 out 0f ten. The designs are pretty rad for someonw who grew up with the [original] Transformers. I liked how well the faces were [different] from each other. Another comment on the movie is that the transformations and action scenes were too fast all through out. I’d appreciate if they slow-mo’ed some areas so we can appreciate the great detail they put into the designs! But overall it’s a fantastic movie.

KZ: What’s next for the Foldabots?
J: Next would be local street vehicles that roar in our everyday cities. I still haven’t got a clue what my next set of Combiners [will be]. I kinda just wait for that next spark of ideas to come, then I create. Hey, if you kids have something cookin’ for cool Combiner-bots, feel free to write to me or send me drawings!


A page from Jomike’s “Idea Notebook”. This Foldabot, Ukay, will come out in our August issue. He controls the element of earth, just as Siklab controls the element of fire.

More pages from his Idea Notebook. We’ve never seen the Foldabot at the top before. Could this be a sneak peek at a new Foldabot?

Drawing patterns for a robot that looks suspiciously like Ukay. Or it could be Kapre. What other Foldabot’s got treads like that?

Coloring in Siklab, this month’s Foldabot and the first announced member of the Elementrobots. A few more steps and it’s ready to be sent to K-Zone.


Click the images below to download the wallpapers!
fb2006collection.jpgmetrotren-wall.jpg kalasag-wallp.jpg

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  1. Maia Says:


  2. IRWIN Says:


  3. David Says:

    Hm, the second picture has that boat thing that he first calls ‘Layag’ and ‘Gayal’ which, if you look closely, was renamed ‘Alon’ and ‘Layag’. And the one named ‘making3′ has more clues to the two, but renamed again to ‘Alon’ and ‘Agos’. Very interesting. The first picture also has a full picture of Elementron. Very very interesting.

  4. Al Says:

    You remind me of myself, making things out of paper. and look where it got you!!!
    Try making more foldabots but with unique trasformations.

  5. Yuji Says:

    Wow! Can I make one of my own?

  6. santiago Says:

    i make my own foldabots with my freind but we call them trasformabots

  7. arthur xtian Says:

    i will show my foldabot at home cause i have made one, the Wildobots binubuo nina TIGRE, PANGIL, at BILIS at LAKAS

  8. arthur xtian Says:

    ………………. and they’re leader is WILDOTRON!! cool eh?

  9. Little Kid Says:

    PLEEEEAAASSSSE!!!! Mr. Tejido, can you make a Foldabot issue for K-zone in September!!!! because people throw away my foldabots!!! please!!!!! pretty please!!! so I can catch up.

  10. xyke Says:

    hi kuya jomike i am a really great fan of foldabots i am planning 2 make a comics entitled “noypibots” using your folabots and i am still making the first episode about metrotren the leader of the noypibots………….i hope you wil like it if i can send it someday……

  11. xyke Says:

    hello kuya jomike i am xyke from mindanao i am planning to create a comic about your foldabots entitled “noypibots” and my first episode is about metrotren………

  12. Kirbster Says:

    Kuya, I also create foldabots named the MECHABOTS, who are in charge of protecting the Earth against villains. So far, I have created Speed, who transforms to a racecar(based on Karera), and Dude, who transforms into a skateboard(based on Astig).

  13. Aaron Alegre Says:

    I created a Foldabots league who has a past of destroying world but ended up in saving it instead! I created “Bagsik” who is transforming to a chainsaw. “Bangis” a fierce leader of the gang who is transforming into a wolf. “Ilaw” who is transforming into a Firetruck. And “Harley or Yabang” who transforms into a Harley Davidson Motorcycle

  14. elvin Says:

    hi kuya jomike i really wanted to advance months kase excited akong makita yung susunod na foldabots ng k-zone, i really want to be september today because gusto ko na pong makuha ang susunod na elementrobot para mapalapit na po ang pagbuo ko kay ELEMENTRON!!!!!!!!

  15. elvin Says:

    ays talaga ang foldabots

  16. jomike Says:

    hi guys! glad to know youre been creating the foldabots! There are more coming in 2008. For now i am thinking of a really cool combiner that hasn’t been done yet! For those of you who want to send your drawings, you may email me anytime . I’d like also to see the otehr creations like stories and your very own Foldabots! That would be great! Create ‘em all! I would like more pages for Foldabots in one issue. I hope i do get extra space some day! — like a Foldabots special issue :)

  17. elvin Says:

    hi kuya jomike tapos ko na po si elemtron!

  18. Al Says:

    you know what the foldabots need? they need ENEMIES!!!!! something that would give the reason for what the foldabots are meant to do, like saving us from them. like an evil emperor Omegapolitan or something.

  19. santiago Says:

    me santiago and my friend randel are making foldabots but we like to call them transformabots

  20. ChEezWhIz Says:

    I like the FOLDABOTS, I’m so excited for the new combiner AQUATIKRON.

  21. kobe Says:

    hi kuya jomike pwede pagkatapos nang aquatikron pwede bang animals na foldabots? plssssssss

  22. charles Says:

    dba c kalasag sunod robot na turtle dba?

  23. Patrick John Fumera Says:

    Guz2 kng makita z tentaclone

  24. Patrick John Fumera Says:

    Reader na dn akoo ng k-zone magazine lalo n ung classmate ko si kuya victor at kelly jay mahilig dn sla sa k-zone

  25. Patrick John Fumera Says:

    I love kzone I love kzone I love kzone

  26. Victor (classmate ni patrick john) Says:

    Mganda ang kzone ilove it so good real kids mag talaga

  27. Patrick Fumera Says:

    Ganda talaga ayos real kids Magazine talaga

  28. Jeffrey Reyes Says:

    I want to see all your fodabots listed monthly

  29. Jeffrey p. reyes Says:

    Where’s my order!?

  30. K-Zone Philippines :: Ka-Blog! » Blog Archive » Only on K-Zone Says:

    [...] more about the Foldabots here. Leave a [...]

  31. kevin Says:

    im waiting in march and april issues to see the new combiner AQUATIKRON

  32. kevin Says:

    thi is the cool mag. for ever

  33. kevin Says:


  34. Arceus of Jasper Says:

    These foldabots sure look great. I sure wish I had all of them.

  35. luky Says:

    your genius

  36. edward Says:

    foldabots is so cool because it enhances my art skills!

  37. daniel Says:

    FOLDABOTS are realllllllllyyyyy cool paper robot and I love it and my favorite fodabots IS Higantechron which tikbalang,nuno,mananaggal and kapre are combining into very big FOLDABOTS please can you make many monter FOLDABOTS

  38. daniel Says:

    sorry it monsters

  39. kaypee Says:

    kzone staff, i am kaypee, a have a comics here, if i pass this to your mag pls. show this at comics zone. by the way i will send my comics nxt month. titled in REGIE”the ghost boy” i am not a pro comicsmaker but i believe this comecs make me happppy…

  40. denzyle Says:

    foldabots is cooooooooooooollllllllllll

  41. ChEezWhIz Says:

    Aw… i’m so excited for the new combiner
    foldabots. The Gubabots.
    They’re so cool…

  42. ace Says:

    paano ba gumawa ng buhawi

  43. andre chua Says:

    pwede bang pagkatapos ni gubatron are small gadgets like a cellphone… i also wanna say foldabots ROCKZ!!!!

  44. andre chua Says:

    pwede bang pagkatapos ni gubatron are plants… i also wanna say foldabots ROCKZ!!!! :) :):)

  45. marshall Says:

    pwede ba dragons naman ……..
    astig nyo

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  47. Albert Says:

    Ang ganda ng foldabot comics series sana meron ding tv series ng foldabots :)

  48. joseph Says:

    kuya gawa kanaman ng mga junkbots plssss

  49. joseph Says:

    kuya od kaya gawa sa mga bagay na makikita sa loob at labas ng bahay plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  50. guian ( a.k.a. gmen) Says:

    kuya please sabihin mo na an body ni gubatron. mayroon na akong kagat,kalaw,kwagu at ramo.

  51. jomike Says:

    si tamarax ang next na gubabot xa yung main torso

  52. im Says:

    pls. give me foldabot toys & comics.

  53. jomike Says:

    Kung nagustuhan nyo si Aquatikron watch out for gubatron 4 parts are already released and 1 is coming your way this November

  54. guian Says:

    jomike completo ko na lahat na combiners! pati gubatron. parang limited, mayroon pa si lusho sa october issue. ano naman yong reissue sa december? si astig diba?

  55. guian Says:

    gubatron is cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  56. Emo_LovEr Says:

    I FAvORiTE KZonE BOok ~!1

  57. alec Says:

    so cool

  58. louie hera Says:

    jomike pwede kyo gumawa ng ibang fldabots katulad ni lakas ilabas nyo po sa nvember issue ok? si lakas ay isang chopper robot

  59. ramon Says:

    jomike pwede bang pagkatapos ni gubatron mga
    beetles naman. ang combiner si bettletron

  60. ramon Says:

    hi jomike si ramon to gagawa ako ng sarili kong comic series ng foldabots! ang unang episode ay tungkol kay elementron!

  61. ramon Says:

    kuya sana hindi magtapos ang foldabots god bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^_^

  62. ramon Says:

    jomike si lobotron naman sana yung gawin mo
    binubuo ng wolf phoenix racoon buterfly at frog. yung wolf right hand yung phoenix left yung racon right leg at yung frog left leg at yung frog main torso yung ulo ay fox mag sama ka nalang nang apat na buntot. drawing ko siya at pakita ko sayo ikaw na bahala sa pangalan at drawing basta related sa sinabi kong bubuo kay lobotron

  63. ramon Says:

    kuya mali pala tungkol kay lobotron yung main torso niya pala buterfly naulit ko i type yung frog tnx! sana gawin mo si lobotron pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. ramon Says:

    foldabots rocks! completo ko na lahat ng combiner. (sana gawin si lobotron at bettletron)

  65. miguel Says:

    hey Mr. Tejido, how can i send or show my foldabot toy to you?

  66. ramon Says:

    my top 10 foldabots are
    top1 elementron
    top2 siklab
    top3 ukay
    top4 buhawi
    top6 higantechron
    top7 berdugong
    top8 siklo
    top9 tutubi
    top10 astig

    foldabots is coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!

  67. ramon Says:

    sorry forgot top 5
    top 5 is patrol!

  68. denzyle Says:

    if you know the transform of mananangal can you please tell it or measage

  69. K-zone collector Says:

    Hi there!
    Nakumpleto ko na si GUBATRON!!!!
    Astig yung evolution ni Gubatron nakita ko sa http://www.foldabots.multiply.com
    Foldabots Rockzz!!!!!
    Ahhh papano ko ilalagay yung pa “T” shape dun kina Kalaw at Kagat??????????
    Gusto kung mabuo si Gubatron!kaso nahihirapan ako ehhhhhh
    Meron na kong 22 na K-zone!!!!!!
    Konte lang noh?
    Thats All Thank You!

  70. ramon Says:

    kuya ang kulang ko na lang na foldabots marami pa well hard work no? i only have 48 kzones its easy to make foldabots but you cant buy kzones forever you know…. anyway I love foldabots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. David Jonathan Says:


  72. ramon Says:

    hey mr. tejido its december now any way im gonna buy the dec. issue and gonna wait whats next for the comics and when im going home from school (kakauwi ko lang he.) i saw my friend reading the dec. issue! its true i saw it by my eyes! then when she flip the next page of her k zone, i see the foldabots there is astig! i thought astig is already releasd in july 2006? is it a reissue?

  73. ramon Says:

    hey mr. tejido,nabasa ko nga pala yung respond ni jima yung si siklo daw di ba? nasa november 2007 issue yun di ba? at ito na ang last respond ko, I will start agin on my birthday at january 9.
    then IM loking forward to see new combiners!

  74. ram/francis Says:

    thanks for the foldabots toy book im waiting
    for volume2 ihave volume 1 for my birthday
    hope its mitochron cobiners foldabots toy book realy rocks cause you dont need to
    buy k-zones to wait for the month and the other months foldabots toy book has combiners keep on the good work

  75. ram/francis Says:

    ramon ………….. its a christmas editon

  76. ram/francis Says:

    whats the 2nd combiner?

  77. liza Says:

    hi mr. tejido, im the sister of ramon, can i ask something? is there foldabots toy book vol. 2?

  78. liza Says:

    hi mr.tejido, who is the foldabot on the january 2009 issue because when i check foldabots multiply.com i saw a reply about all the foldabots. then after the astig reissue isaw a foldabot named sapotron. i hope its true its good news for kuya ramon!

  79. liza Says:

    ramon……., its a christmas edition…. who said that?!

  80. Jeff Says:

    gawa po kayo ng rabbit na foldabot

  81. liza Says:

    kuya gawa naman kayo ng combiner sa june issue 2009 para makagawa ang kuya ko ng foldabots play!

  82. rj Says:

    kuya jomike pwede sa foldabots website mo lagyan ng foldabots na pwede e print?

  83. guian Says:

    sapotron rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! si kalaw pangit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. bill Says:

    kuya meron akong january issue!2009!ang cool ni danak ay ni sapotron!

  85. bill Says:

    kuya meron akong january issue!2009!ang cool ni sapotron!

  86. liza Says:

    kuya ang astig naman ni sapotron parang yun na nga ang pinakamagaling na creation mo

  87. ramon Says:

    helllllllllo foldabots im back! sorry ngayon lang ha e busy kasi nung birth day ko gabi na natapos ginugupit ko na si sapotron! malapit ko na siya matapos!

  88. ramon Says:

    na tapos ko na si sapotron! meron na akong bagong character para sa foldabots play!

  89. ramon Says:

    hello? any body hereeeeee?

  90. charlo Says:

    hi the foldabot vol. !@ is cool

  91. ramon Says:

    hello? any body here? question. who is the foldabots in feb 09 issue plssss. if theres already one pls tell me any body.

  92. cj Says:

    mega kill

  93. David Says:

    Hey, the third picture has a Metrotren arm! and some plans for the Metallized toys! Clue 1. Prices littered all over the page. Clue 2. the back portion of Metallized/Toy Book Patrol/Siklab. It’s upside-down. Very sneaky Kuya Joms!

  94. ramon Says:

    exited na ako sa bagong combiner! si mikrokosmos! left leg si sapotron. at cardboard na nga ang pattern! nung nabili ko yung jan.09 issue, akala ko nga papel parin! he.

  95. ramon Says:

    hi kuya jomike. meron na akong feb. issue 09 si alita yung foldabots! at ang astig naman ng comics patindi ng patindi!

  96. jerald paulo s. ampong Says:

    hello po pano po magpadala ng drawings kasi po bago lang ako!!!

  97. ramon Says:

    ano ang mas madaling combiner na ibubuo? elementron o higantechron?

  98. ramon Says:

    hi my school mate just got a march 09 issue

  99. rigo Says:

    hoy mga LUMANG style na yan alam ko ang MGA BAGO ngayon mohahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahashahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. ramon Says:

    patibong……………….. is little why?
    well when im doing my foldabots play, patibong is the new character!

  101. Lopez J. Says:

    sweet!!!!!!!!!! I gotta make some more Foldabots and send it to him! I’m gonna make combos like Blitzwing.

  102. Lopez J. Says:

    most of the guys i do are either jets or animals. i have a hard time with cars. im planning on a truck but, i still have problems on what to do with the box like thing.

  103. Lopez J. Says:

    i will try my best to do the best i can and encourage foldabots to my friends.

  104. ramon Says:

    hirap ni mikrokosmos kasi pagtingin ko sa comic zone wala nang foldabots kaya yung ben 10 yung tiningnan ko muna.

  105. ramon Says:


  106. ramon Says:

    oh no i saw the april may june issues in toy kingdom at greenhils yesterday but i havent able to buy them all the where even the ones that i need and kuya joms please make the combiner awesome! (man, what happened to my psp? it says no games pls. help i want to play my new uploadede games) im waiting in home if my dad knows what to do.

  107. ramon Says:

    i mean my new uploaded games not uploadede.

  108. haraya Says:

    Malapit na ang volume 2 book launch!!!! foldabots.multiply.com

  109. jhine clarenz Says:

    pwede malaman kung saang issue yung 3 aura-san?

    maraming salamat po kuya joms

  110. lloyd alexis .I Indelible Says:

    ang ganda tlg sa k zone weeeee

  111. lloyd alexis .I Indelible Says:

    wo ang gaganda at ang aaztig ng foldabots

  112. lloyd alexis .I Indelible Says:


  113. Arvin Says:

    Ganda talaga ng foldabots.! Paborito ko si saurotron!!!!!!!!astig sya.

  114. Arvin Says:

    Gusto ko ring malaman ung next na combiner foldabots,

  115. JUNGAII Says:

    can you upload foldabot toy scans?

  116. scar Says:

    hey!I love drawing I even made my own foldabots!!!!!!!!!!

  117. scar Says:

    can you scan my creations and make them like real ones with background?

  118. frinz Says:

    we make foldabots of our own we call them smileybots if your asking why smileybots its beacause their head shapes may vary but their faces dont their faces are all smiling

  119. gilead Says:

    hi my name is gilead kuya jomike gawa ka sana ng combiner name niya transportatron torso si plano[airplane],sakay[jeep]arm,
    leg.Sana after siya ni pestetron pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee po

  120. io soriano Says:

    kuya jomike pwede bumalik yung foldabots toy books 1 2 and 3?

  121. franz khyl m. ong Says:


  122. franz khyl m. ong Says:


  123. NicTian Says:

    OK LEts FOLd

  124. John Says:

    You’re so cool I think I should create some sketches

  125. ted patrick c. ponferrada Says:

    hi kuya jomike i am your foldabot fan i have many more foldabots fan made robot combiner called the celbots and elementrobots in my files reality cool

  126. john royce Says:

    hi kuya jomike ako ay foldabots fan gusto ko sana magkaroon ng foldabots kaso wala ko pera

  127. Fernando Jr Baul Says:

    Hello po sir Jomike :) may suggestion lang po ako kung pwede po ireissue niyo po yung mga past toybooks just like toybook’s 1, 2, and 3? bale po ang mangyayari ay halimbawa po Toybook 7 this coming oct. or nov. 2014 kasabay po niya ay ang first toybook, yun lang po sir Jomike… And sir Jm pano po ba manalo sa Foldabots? I mean yung magiging official po yung mga gawa and artworks? tnx po :)

  128. kyle Says:

    hello po kuya jomike,alam ko po na babasahin lang ninyo to pero pwede bang magsuggest……pwede bang ipakita mo yung foldabots chronicles kasi gusto kong malaman ang lahat na maga storylines at yung nangyari sa mgafoldabots na history

  129. kyle Says:

    pwede bang gumawa kayo ng isang pinaka legendary na foldabots para matalo si nu sho.pwede ba po mag suggest kuya jomike na ang powers niya ay apoy ice at water?thanks po.

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