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end-of-chowderChowder (one of our favorite-est, favorite-est new ’toon shows) just premiered in the Philippines a couple of months ago…and already we’re hearing news that it’s going to GO AWAY!?

From Chowder creator C.H. Greenblatt‘s blog:

“We’re working on the last Chowder episode and it’s looking to be a really good one. I wanted to make sure know you how [sic - that's a fancy Latin term for "that's how it was written and it's not a typo on our part" - KZ] everyone’s lives ended up, so we’re doing a special half-hour story set twenty years in the future. Best of all, you get to meet the kid who becomes Chowder’s apprentice!…We don’t know if there’ll be any more Chowders after this one, so we have to assume this is the end until we hear otherwise. As I was told, CN doesn’t cancel shows, they just don’t renew them. This summer [summer in the States, that is, which is June-July-August - KZ] could change things if ratings are really good…”

One word: WHAAAAAAAT!?

Another word: SAAAAAAAAD. :(

14 Responses to “The End of Chowder?”
  1. Ian Derf Salvana Says:


  2. Ian Derf Salvana Says:

    by the way, I’m the first to comment again! Yey me!

  3. Justin Paul Pacamarra Says:

    were’s truffles ?? oh great…

  4. gabs Says:

    OMG! Chowder is gonna end!!! ): Chowder we will miss you! ( I hope they will make a DVD and toys of Chowder! ).

  5. China Says:

    My little sis is going to get mad

  6. Sensitive Says:

    Well according to the creators blog CN will not renew the show for a third season effectively canceling it

  7. Princess Says:


    ok. if you guys don’t want chowder to end, let’s all support it! they said if ratings are gonna be good, then, they’re not gonna end it. go, chowder!

  8. FrozenHearts Says:

    you were right,let’s vote for chowder,go go go!!!, chowder, chow your way to the unlimited shows!!!.

  9. Mickeymouse16 Says:

    What in the –?! It’s too early…

  10. pop Says:

    pls. don’t make it end yet!!! let’s support chowder so that it may have longer days of showing…GO CHOWDER!

  11. Enzo Says:

    Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh man…… i wish chowder won’t end.

  12. O2JYakumo Says:

    where is season 2?
    wla pa sa CN

  13. Jenkstudio Says:

    Chowder no new episodes after this one. Even my bro and I are sad. The best show ever even better than Star Wars to me. WHY CN WHY?

  14. Writer42 Says:

    I miss chowder already

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