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Have you guys been to see LEGO Christmas Land in Bonifacio High Street?

You should visit when you can. It’s HUGE. It’s MASSIVE. It’s GINORMOUS. It’s, well, BIG. It’s a humongoufantabulawesome city made entirely out of LEGO bricks and LEGO people, with a dozen buildings, hundreds of minifigs, and thousands of bricks.

Thanks to the combined tag team of LAJ Marketing (distributors of LEGO), Hobbes and Landes (the concept toy store), and the premiere Pinoy LEGO fan club, the Philippine Bricksters, this massive city was built in five weeks to raise funds for charity projects of UNICEF and World Vision. *whistles in amazement* Crates of bricks were shipped in from Denmark for this project, and the Philbricksters team got to work, sacrificing hours and hours of their time to help out. You can show your appreciation, and of course, your Christmas spirit by visiting the city and see how you can donate to those projects.

Hit the jump for our pics of this jaw-dropping city.

Oh, by the way, LEGO Christmas Land may be closed for a week. It’s in a very open place, and LAJ Marketing, the organizers, are worried that pieces may get wrecked…or worse, stolen. We’ll check back with the people in charge to see when you can go back to High Street to see the city. But don’t worry — the exhibit will run all the way to January, so there’s lots of chances for you to drop by.

The LEGO Jonas Brothers! (Hee-hee-hee.)

LEGO Academy!

When giant sea monsters attack…

A block of LEGO houses.

More LEGO houses.

Don’t those LEGO dudes know it’s dangerous to stand on the ledge?

Indiana Jones likes making fun of people who are stuck in mazes.

We don’t exactly know what this is, but it looks like a dance showdown. With a disco ball.

Somehow we don’t think he’ll fit down a chimney…

This should give you an idea how big this city is. (That’s not even 1/4 of it.)

It’s even got its own airport.

5 Responses to “LEGO Christmas Land”
  1. JM Says:

    Thanks for featuring the Lego Christmas Land on your site! Hope it helps bring hundreds of people there and helps raise a lot of money for charity.
    A few comments for clarification: the skyscrapers were flown in from Lego Denmark. All the other buildings were built from Oct. 15 – Nov. 15 by quite a large team of Filipino Lego enthusiasts. While there were 3 regular or “full-time” builders, all the persons credited on the tarpaulin at the exhibit contributed significantly. Some sorted bricks into types and colors, others built at least one building each, and still others helped build larger structures such as the Lego Academy and the mall.
    Finally, a few people not mentioned on the tarp lent some of their Lego sets. These last-minute additions (example: the pirate ship and sea serpent) brought added fun to the exhibit.
    Hope all the readers out there will go and visit! : D

  2. thirdy Says:

    when is lego christmas land going to last please be specific

  3. Jay Jules Says:

    I Visited It And It Really Is a humongoufantabulawesome city and it’s because I have all the Lego Games In My PSP! Lego Rocks!

  4. Melalyn Mantaring Says:


    I wasn’t able to visit the Lego Christmas Land last year, will there be a part II (2009)?


  5. Melalyn Mantaring Says:


    I wasn’t able to visit the Lego Christmas Land last year, will there be a part II (2009).


    MelaLyn Mantaring

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