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Yo, fellas! Have ya seen the latest Toy Chest feature on Funko POP! toys? Pretty sweet, huh? (If you haven’t then srsly, grab a copy now!) Today we’re gonna rank the 9 coolest Funko POP! toys we’ve seen other than the ones we’ve already featured in the mag! So buckle up, and have FUN…KO! LOL

9. Thanos
This dude is large and in-charge!


8. Toothless
No ginormous dragon can beat this super cool POP!


7. Golden SpongeBob Squarepants
What’s better than a SpongeBob Funko POP!? A golden one, duh!


6. Ezio Auditore
Shhh. This guy is on a mish to take down Templars!


5. Super Saiyan Goku
This is one cool DBZ POP! Just saiyan!


4. Anger
Its simple, boxy design scores an A+ in our books!


3. Baymax

Yes, Baymax. We are satisfied with your awesome Funko POP! versh!


2. Baby Groot


1. Hulkbuster
The most epic Iron Man armor is a must-have in this list!



Wanna see more Funko POP! features? Then grab a copy of K-Zone’s August ish at a bookstore or newsstand near ya! You can check out the toys, plus more, at a Big Boys Toy Store near ya! Check out their FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/bigboystoystore

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  1. Anna Santos Says:

    SHAME FILES TO MY BRO: We were so excited to get random toys(minibag with random toy) and I wasn’t really excited because I only liked a little of the list. I had 1 pack my bro had 4. We opened it and GUESS WHAT??? My Bro got 4 disney princesses (hah!) And i got mickey fantasia and wall e!

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