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Ever dreamt of becoming a ninja? Or a cat? Then check this awesome but freaky deaky news out: A team of scientists from Science for Masses has developed an eye drop that can allow people to see in the dark! #ForRealsies The eye drop contains Chlorin e6 (nope, not chlorine, the chemical found in swimming pools), a molecule found in deep sea fish that improves low-light vision. The substance takes full effect after an hour, which test subjects say they can distinguish shapes from 10 meters away in the dark, and improves to 50 meters overtime.

The effect isn’t permanent and disappears overnight. In other news, we heard a group of ninjas pre-ordered a thousand gallons of the night vision eye drop. Nope, we’re not sure if it’s real. LOL.


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  1. Carina Says:

    Scary i mean nothng touches my eye!

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